Solar Ice aims to integrate clean energy technology into community life by providing sustainable, solar-powered ice skating rinks. Our mission is to entertain and educate communities about the potential of solar energy while promoting inclusivity.

Impact Objectives

  • Expand the Use of Renewable Energy
    Utilize solar photovoltaic technology to power rinks, demonstrating sustainable technology in community settings.
  • Support California‚Äôs Local Economies
    Stimulate local economies through job creation and local sourcing during the construction and operation of rinks.
  • Improve Community Well-Being
    Provide affordable, healthy recreational options in pollution-free environments, enhancing community health and comfort.

Equity and Community Engagement

  • Inclusive Outreach
    Engage with communities from the project’s inception, shaping the development through consultations and feedback.
  • Partnerships
    Collaborate with local schools and nonprofits to maximize community benefits and educational opportunities.
  • Geographic Distribution
    Ensure equitable access by strategically locating rinks in underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Measuring Impact and Ensuring Continuous Improvement

  • Implementation and Evaluation
    Develop measurable indicators to assess impacts, with regular reviews to align with energy equity and community well-being goals.
  • Feedback Loops and Adjustments
    Use continuous feedback from stakeholders to refine strategies and operations, ensuring positive and significant impacts.

Commitment to Impact

By prioritizing clean energy and community engagement, Solar Ice aspires to be more than a recreational facility, becoming a platform for community development and education on clean energy initiatives.

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