ICE from the SUN

Welcome to the Future of Ice Rinks: The Solar Ice Project

The Solar Ice Project is revolutionizing how ice rinks operate. By integrating solar thermal technology, we aim to drastically cut electricity costs and reduce environmental impact.

Pilot Project Overview:

We are harnessing the heat of the sun to chill the rink. Our pilot project will use 2,000 sq ft solar thermal array to chill a 1,500 sq ft ice surface.

Economic and Environmental Impact:

Our project targets a substantial reduction in energy consumption—by 35% to 50%—which translates into savings of $87,500 to $175,000 annually on electricity. With an initial investment of $500,000 to $650,000, the return on investment is realized in about 4.5 years, promising significant long-term savings over the expected 20-year lifespan of the facility.

Innovative Technology:

By replacing conventional compressor systems with solar thermal powered absorption chillers, we reduce operating costs between 30% to 50% and significantly cut maintenance expenses. This sustainable choice not only lowers operational costs but also decreases your carbon footprint, making your ice rink a leader in ecological stewardship.

Join Us:

Explore our journey of making ice sports eco-friendly and economically viable. Stay updated on our progress and discoveries as we set new standards for the future of recreational ice facilities.